6 Reasons why you should buy one of our bags for life!

We're all about the bags for life here at Keelham which is why we have created a brand new range and here's 6 reasons why you should buy one:

They're Environmentally Friendly

The more you use your bag for life..... The more environmentally friendly it is.

They're a Good Investment 

It's for life, so the likelihood is that you will use it over and over again. Not only is it saving the environment but its preventing you from buying single use plastic bags. Keelham Promise...That If your bag was to ever to let you down and break, you can bring it back into store and we replace it.

It Saves on Plastic 

DID YOU KNOW?.....It takes over a 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade and when it does it releases toxins that can pollute the environment.

We all Need a Bag From Time to Time

A bag always comes in handy and our selection of new bags can we folded up so they're not taking up lots of space and they're there when you need them.

They Look Fabulous 

They are designed by us.... well Will our Junior Marketing Executive, so obviously we love them and we've tried to make them fun with a Yorkshire twist. 

Your Supporting Local Business

By investing in a bag for life you are not only supporting Keelham, but by using it  your showcasing Keelham so thank you for that! 

For the Love of Yorkshire bag for life    eyes on pies bag for life




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