10 Things To Do With Peas

It's Great British Pea Week! This small green vegetable can often be overlooked. We have been thinking about the many uses of peas. You may think that it's only place is on the side of your plate but we have many other ideas!

1) Pea Pod Fun

There is something so wonderful about eating peas straight from the pod! They are so fresh and tasty!

2) Freeze Them

Peas work really well in a variety of meals so it's handy to have some in the freezer. They are also very good for soothing bumped heads! 

3) Dry Them

Dried peas are a great alternative to baking beans when you are blind baking. 

4) Make A Musical Instrument

Pop some dried peas into an empty plastic bottle. Kids will love shaking it and making some beautiful music!

5) Use Them At A Kids Party

We all know about the 'Guess How Many Sweets Are In The Jar' game but how much trickier would 'Guess How Many Peas Are In The Jar' be? They may not be as exciting to win though so it might be a good idea to have a prize for the winner, rather than letting them take home the jar.

6) Add Them To Anything

Peas are great for adding to a variety of meals. Pasta, soups, casseroles, curries. The opportunities are endless!

7) Shoot Them

Pop a pea into a straw and then fire it at a target. So much fun!

8) Eat Their Leaves

Pea leaves are considered a delicacy in China. Pea shoots are tasty when eaten raw in a salad or cooked in a stir fry.

9) Feed Them To Fish

We already know that peas go very well with fish and chips but maybe this will help restore the balance. Siamese Fighting Fish enjoy the odd pea every now and again. They can't eat the skin but they love the inside! 

10) Spread Them On Toast

Blitz cooked peas with lemon and spread them on toast. Yum!

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