10 Things To Do With Vodka

Following on from our 10 Things To Do With Peas post, we are now going to blow your mind with the many uses of vodka! There are quite a few things that you can do with vodka that many people may not know about. Here’s our top 10.

Cooking with vodka is great! Why don’t you try making penne pasta with a vodka and tomato sauce or a vodka grilled chicken with lemon and herbs?

Vodka is a fantastic household cleaner because of its alcohol content. It is great at killing mildew in your bathroom. It is also good for cleaning windows and reading glasses. Vodka can remove rust and clean stainless steel! It can also remove musty smells and stains from fabric too.

Surprisingly vodka is quite healthy for you! It can relieve stress and dull toothache pain. It also has valuable antiseptic and anti bacterial qualities which can help to clean cuts and burns.

Vodka is a great spirit to infuse as it doesn’t neutralise the colour or the taste of what you are adding to it. It is extremely easy to infuse and it takes on colours and tastes almost immediately. Berries, lemons, chillies, cinnamon and vanilla can be used.

When you have infused your vodka it works well in dressings and marinades.

Help Flowers
Adding a few drops of vodka and a little sugar to your vase can help your flowers to stay healthy for longer. Alcohol is an antibacterial agent and it kills the bacteria on the stems.

Be Beautiful
Vodka can kick-start hair growth and keep skin looking healthy. Add a splash of vodka to your bottle of shampoo. Your hair will feel amazing!

Freshen Your Feet
Spray diluted vodka into your shoes to neutralise nasty whiffs!

Remove The Goo
Don’t you just hate it when you try to remove a price ticket and it leaves behind a sticky residue? Rub a little vodka on it and the goo will be gone.

Drink It
Last but by no means least! Vodka is a lovely alcoholic tipple and it works well in a variety of cocktails. If you buy a bottle of Royal Spring Yorkshire Vodka in either of our shops we will give you a pair of daiquiri glasses so that you can drink it in style! Available whilst stocks last.

Yorkshire Vodka is a premium hand-crafted vodka that is made in Keighley. Royal Spring use their own mineral water to make this vodka which gives it a unique taste. Give it a try, we are sure you will love it!

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