10 Ways To Celebrate St. George’s Day - The Yorkshire Way

Saint George’s Day is just around the corner and we have been searching for ways that we can celebrate. St. George is our patron saint so Monday the 23rd Of April is a time to celebrate all things English.

1) Fly The Flag
Whether it’s from your car, your house or waving it as you walk, flying the English flag is a great way to celebrate St. George’s Day. People will mostly be flying the St. George’s Cross but the Yorkshire White Rose flag would work too.

2) Wear Red & White
Dress in the colours of the English flag. It’s the perfect way to be patriotic. You could also add a bit of Yorkshire to your outfit as St. George’s favourite colour was blue.

3) Let Them Eat Pies
Saint George is connected to agriculture. His name means farmer and the 23rd Of April marked the day when crops started to grow. People would celebrate St. George’s Day with a feast and they would pray for a good harvest.

Celebrate St. George’s Day with a free, award winning Keelham pie. We will be hiding some flags inside our pie boxes and if you find one you win your pie. Simply bring the flag with you the next time you visit and we will refund the price of your pie off your shopping.

4) Enjoy The Natural Beauty
Our country really is beautiful and (if the April showers allow) get out and enjoy the gorgeous English countryside. Take a walk in the Yorkshire Dales. We have so much outstanding beauty right on our doorstep.

5) Read Shakespeare
If you do manage to get outdoors, find a lovely spot under a tree and read extracts from the Complete Works Of Shakespeare. (A Yorkshire Tragedy would be a good choice.) You could even read aloud. We are sure that the passers by would love it!

6) Enjoy Afternoon Tea
What could be more English than Afternoon Tea. Indulge in delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones whilst sipping a teacup full of tea. Don’t forget to hold your pinkie out.

If you would prefer not to make it yourself why not visit Keelham Kitchen. We’ve heard the Afternoon Tea there is amazing.

7) Watch A Parade
There are several St. George’s Day parades taking place around the country. Morley in West Yorkshire have held a parade for over a decade. It is thought to be the biggest in the country and it attracts over 20,000 visitors each year. You could also visit Pontefract Castle in Wakefield. Here, on St. George’s Day, you can try your hand at archery, watch traditionalcraft demonstrations and even see St. George slay a dragon!

Skipton is holding it’s very own St George’s Day Parade in the town centre and Keighley are holding a St. George’s Day Fun Fair on the green on Saturday.

8) Dance Like No-one’s Watching
Morris Dancing is a traditional English folk dance. Why not give it a try? Attach some bells to your legs, grab some handkerchiefs and start dancing.

9) Enjoy Fish & Chips at the Seaside
As well as glorious countryside, Yorkshire also has some beautiful seafronts. Head to Whitby and eat some fish and chips straight out of the wrapper. If you could arrange for it to be wrapped in the Yorkshire Post that would be even better!

10) Celebrate Everything Local
Make the most of all of the local suppliers and produce we have available and celebrate St. George’s Day the Yorkshire way.

However you decide to celebrate, we hope you have a very happy St. George’s Day!

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