How Do You Pronounce Scone? 

We recently asked a question on our Facebook page and it caused a lot of problems! We were interested to see how people pronounced scone. Did they say scon or scoan? Thank you for all of your comments! We learnt a lot and are more confused than ever! 

At first there were arguments about the English language and split diagraphs but the English is a crazy language with many broken rules.

It was thought that if you were from the north a scone was a scon and if you were from the South it was a scoan but then some Londoners say scon! Others said it depended on your class and only posh people said scoan but the queen says scon! 

Most people said that if you are from Yorkshire you pronounce it scon but others said that they were Yorkshire through and through and they said scoan. In Keighley they have to say scoan as if they ask for a scon they get a fishcake! 

One person said it was one scoan but when plural it was scons. Apparently there are other pronunciations too! Scawn, scown and scahn were mentioned. 

We caused many arguments and even affected 36 years of friendship between two people who simply couldn't agree! There were videos shared, Wikipedia articles posted and we still couldn't get to the bottom of it! 

It also sparked further debates! Which goes on first, the jam or the cream? Is it a bread roll, a cob, a barm cake or a tea cake? I think with all these things we need to agree to disagree. Being different is what makes us unique! 

Paul had a good idea though. He said it should be called scon through the week and scoan on a Sunday! This made us smile and we think it may be the way forward! 

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