Our Veggie Butchers

Our innovative Veggie Butchers will combat food waste and help you eat more fresh vegetables.

At Keelham we love our vegetables for longer than Veganuary and we think it’s about time we give them the same prominent care and attention that has won us national recognition for our meat butchers and fresh food shopping experience with the introduction of the Veggie Butchers.

While meat remains at the heart of Keelham and its roots, we also understand that some customers habits are changing and many want to incorporate more vegetables into their diet. Our customers tell us that they want to eat more fresh veg but that it can be time-consuming to prepare and they sometimes struggle for interesting ways to make delicious meals. That’s why we introduced the Veggie Butchers.

The bespoke-designed Veggie Butchers does everything with vegetables that a traditional butchers does with meat. They are stuffed, diced, chopped and made into sausages, casseroles, and burgers behind the counter. The Veggie Butchers also offers customers new ways to incorporate more plant-based fresh dishes into their menu planning. The Keelham team has created a new collection of recipes for ready-to-go meal options, from a fully vegan meal, a side dish to any meat or fish main, or suggesting different ways to use favourite vegetables. A colourful bounty of stuffed peppers and aubergines, marinated cauliflower and butternut squash steaks, black bean burgers, vegetable sausages and meatballs – made on site – is available to pick up from the counter where the Veggie Butchers team are on hand to advise shoppers on how to make the most of veg.

From mid-February the Veggie Butchers will also offer customers the chance to pick and mix from up to 16 different pre-chopped, spiralised and riced vegetables, freshly prepared daily. This means customers can pick just what they need, whether a couple of broccoli florets or a handful of potato wedges; parsnips, carrots and swede chopped ready for a stew for two; or a generous selection of mixed peppers, onions, mushrooms and aubergines primed for a family veggie lasagne.

We hope to make it really easy for people to make healthier, more eco-conscious choices, whilst keeping the focus on great-tasting ingredients that our customers value. The days when vegetables are seen as simply ‘good for you’ but not tasty or interesting are long gone – the possibilities for making delicious plant-based dishes are endless.

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  • The veggie butchers is the best idea. We are coming from blackpool to have a look for inspiration.

    Sally Houghton on
  • Great idea…love it. Well definitely be giving some of these lovely looking dishes a try

    Jo Bird on
  • Great news about your new vege OPTIONS. Will be up to visit!!

    Den Smith on

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