Nothing says Christmas like the smell of a fresh real tree

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of a real fresh Christmas tree and we do everything we can at Keelham so that choosing your tree becomes an enjoyable part of your own Christmas traditions while minimising the impact on the planet. It’s the most natural way to bring the smell of Christmas into your home this December.

Lots of reasons to choose a real Keelham tree

  1. All our trees are grown in Scotland in the beautiful Angus countryside so a big thank you for supporting British farmers.
  2. We will have over 1000 trees to choose from in December or every shape and size so you will be able to find that special tree which will fit perfectly in your home. 
  3. All our cut trees are varieties with no mess foliage and are some of the best varieties for retaining their needles which means less hoovering when you take it down on the 5th of January. 
  4. This year all our larger trees in pots have been grown in their pot so have a great chance of continuing to grow in your garden after Christmas. 
  5. Our team are on hand to help you choose your tree and then have your tree netted and taken to your car for you. 
  6. Once you get your tree home it is important that you care for it in the right way so we give you our handy look after your tree guide. 
  7. After Christmas with the help of our local Manorlands hospice Xmas Tree recycling scheme turn your tree into bio-fuel.  For a minimum £10 donation Manorlands with will collect your tree collected from your own home.  Please click here for more information. 
  8. Last but not least our prices are great as well and very simple. There is no measuring or paying for every inch. You just pay one price which ties in with the colour tag on the trees so don’t worry you aren’t paying extra for the stalk bit at the top for just £25 you can buy a 4ft pot grown Norway Spruce or a 5ft to 6ft wild grown Nordman. 
  9. Chance to Win Your Keelham Tree For Free. Share your decorated tree with us all at Keelham on Facebook and we will refund the cost of the Keelham tree we love the most. Terms and conditions apply as always. Please keep an eye on our social media for more information.

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