Perfect Picnic

With National Picnic Week coming up, here are some great tips to help you create an impeccable picnic:

Pick The Perfect Spot

Part of the fun of a picnic is deciding where to have it. A park is good for a family gathering or a picnic in the woods would be lovely too! Skipton Wilderness is a beautiful spot! 

Keep It Cold

Use a cool box or bag to keep everything chilled. You can also freeze bottles of water to use as ice packs. When you are ready to have your picnic they will have melted into an ice cold drink.

Mix & Match

Part of the fun of a picnic is nibbling many different things that you wouldn't normally eat at the same time. Who says that you can't put pie, quiche, tartlets, bread, olives, cheese, cooked meats, fruit, cakes and cookies all on one plate? 

Wrap It Up

Baking parchment is perfect for wrapping picnic food in. It gives your picnic a shabby chic look and it's better for the environment!

Keep The Bugs At Bay

Picnics can be idyllic but they can also attract some unwanted guests. Serve your drinks in lidded Mason jars or simply pop a cupcake case over the top of your glass. This is a cute and quirky way of keeping the bugs at bay!

Fun & Games

Whether it's a family picnic or a romantic meal for two to, you can plan some activities to make your picnic even more enjoyable. Ball games are a great addition to a family affair whilst a simple pack of cards can be a great ice breaker.

Tidy Up

Keep our countryside clean and tidy and be sure to take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Never Mind The Weather

If the British weather gets the better of us, don't worry! An indoor picnic can be lots of fun! Spread a picnic rug on the carpet, put on your favourite music and pour a glass of fizz. Picnics can be great fun whatever the weather! 

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