Victoria Halls Blooming Lovely Makeover

The garden and play area have been transformed thanks to young members of the National Citizen Service and Queensbury Youth Club. The two clubs joined forces as part of a future skills scheme to help improve the popular community spot. It’s one of six activities taking place over the next month to make a difference to the local community.

We were more than happy to help support their efforts with plants, flowers and shrubs donated from our Thornton Farm Shop. In no time they’d cleared a mountain of rubbish from the site and are looking forward to using the space for their outdoor youth club activities in the future. We popped down to give them a helping hand with the planting last week and couldn’t believe the transformation.

The youngsters are now looking to finish the garden with the addition of a couple of benches to give visitors attending the community hall a place to sit and enjoy the lovely new space. If you’d like to help with their fundraising efforts please contact Bradford South Council for more information.

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