Blood Pressure Monitoring

February is National Heart Month and were supporting the British Heart Foundations Ramp up the Red campaign for the entire month. Were delighted that our friends from Bradford West Rotary Club and The Stroke Association will be joining us to conduct a FREE blood pressure monitoring session for our customers, taking place in Home and Garden from 10:30am to 4:30pm.

don't forget to take a peek at our range of healthy options that the team have developed as part of the Robertshaw Awards an annual Keelham event which sees teams across each section of the shop compete in a challenge to create and sell a healthy product, with 10% of all products sold going to the British Heart Foundation. Simply pick up some lean heart-shaped burgers from the butchers or a healthy stew in a bag from the fruit and veg department and keep your heart healthy whilst helping us to reach our fundraising target of 2,000.

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