Half-term fun at Keelham

Wondering what to do with the kids this half-term? Look no further. This holiday were helping to keep boredom at bay with a fun (and educational) Healthy Scavenger Hunt.

As part of the Scavenger Hunt, participants will follow clues around the shop to uncover which foods can be swapped for equally tasty, healthier options to maintain a brilliant diet. There will also be a range of delicious and nutritious foods for little ones to try, broadening their horizons in a tasty and nourishing way and everyone who takes part gets free popcorn.

The Scavenger Hunt is free to enter, but any donations to support the British Heart Foundations Ramp up the Red campaign will be gratefully received.

The Scavenger Hunt kit will be available from the Keelham Kitchen from Monday 24/2/14 between 9am and 6pm.

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