National Vegetarian Week/ British Tomato Week

We love our meat as you all know, but we're also big fans of our fresh veggies too! This week we'll be providing you with veggie inspiration as we give out healthy recipe ideas to spice up your 5 a day.

We'll also be showing you how to create tasty meals in minutes using Scarlet & Mustard's versatile range - we'll be showing you how to make dishes that satisfy both meat and veggie lovers.

How about -

Fig and Blue Cheese Cauliflower Pizza Base Recipe- using Rosie Doo Dah
Oh so simple Salad- using Big Bears Dressing
Roasted Vegetable Couscous with Muttis Mint and Red Currant Dressing

And that's before we've given you tips on how to grow the juiciest tomatoes in home & Garden. You can pick up 3 plants, a grow bag and 3 canes all for just 5

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