Scarlett & Mustard Sampling

Run by Sandy Ruddock, Scarlett & Mustard began with a secret family recipe and the talents of a budding entrepreneur. When he was just eleven-years-old Sandy?s son Oliver decided to set up a stand in the garden, selling bottles of his Granny?s tarragon dressing ? an original cider vinegar recipe which had passed down through the family. Extolling its virtues and describing how delicious it is served with warm, crushed new potatoes, he returned two hours later having sold all the bottles and with 76 in his pocket!

The family range of products are designed to help encourage people to experiment with food in fun and simple ways. Whether its salad, veg, bread or meat, you can add a punch of flavour with the award-winning dressings, dips, marinades, sauces and jams produced by Scarlett & Mustard. And all the products are homemade using local ingredients.

Today there are eight different dressings to choose from, including Granny?s Original Tarragon Dressing, as well as a selection of marinades, sauces and jams. Just as the business was named after family nicknames, the names of each product also show how a member of the Scarlett & Mustard family has been the inspiration behind each one.

Come along and give them a try this Friday at our farm shop in Skipton between 10.3am and 3pm.

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