Time for the last BBQ of the school holidays

The last chance to fire up the grill before the kids head back to school. Our smoking hot BBQ meal deal is back!

Enjoy 3 Keelham Favourite BBQ packs plus 2 Sides for only 10.

*FAVOURITES include:-*

Spicy Pork Steaks 3pk
Salt & Pepper Style Pork Steaks 3pk
BBQ Pork Steaks 3pk
Lemon & Sweet Chilli Thigh & Drumstick Chicken Portions 850g
Hot and SpicyThigh & Drumstick Chicken Portions 850g
Garlic Thigh & Drumstick Chicken Portions 850g
Thigh & Drumstick Chicken Portions- Marinate at Home 850g
BBQ Thigh & Drumstick Chicken Portions 850g
BBQ Chicken Wings 850g
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings 850g
Chicken Wings- Marinate at home 850g
Mango & Chilli Chicken Wings 850g
Sausage Plain Thick 8pk
Halloumi and Veg Kebab 2pk
Lamb Kofta Kebab 4pk
Lemon & Chilli Chicken Kebabs 3pk
Garlic Chicken Kebabs 3pk
Salt & Pepper Chicken Kebabs 3pk
Our special hot dog sausages 4pk
Homemade Beef Burgers 4pk

*SIDES include:-*

Burger Buns 6pk
Hot Dog Buns 8pk
Pre-pack Baking Pots 4pk
Mubarak Naan 2pk
Mubarak Garlic and Coriander Naan
Keelham Salad Bowl, 1.49
Keelham Homemade Coleslaw 400g
Keelham Homemade Low Fat Coleslaw 400g
Corn on the Cob 2pk
Mrs Elswood Sweet Cucumber Sandwich Slices 540g
Mrs Elswood Burger Gherkins 670g
Dewlay Sliced Mature White Cheddar 160g
Dewlay Sliced Mild White Cheddar 160g

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