Treboom Brewery Tasting

Sample some of Treboom Brewery's best beers. Based in York, John and Jane love making (and drinking) great beer.
They use a mixture of science and creativity to craft some memorable brews.

*They'll be sampling some of our favourite beers at Keelham, Skipton between 2pm and 4pm including:*

Yorkshire Sparkle - A really Pale Ale, clear and bright with refreshing grapefruit flavours and hints of tropical fruits.

Myricale - Bringing an old recipe bang up to date this brew uses Bog Myrtle (Myrica gale), an ingredient used in beer in medieval times before hops became popular.

It's been made into a delicious wheat beer allowing the gingery herb-like qualities of this remarkable plant to sing through.

Maillot Blance - A Yorkshire saison style beer originally brewed to celebrate the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.... Brewed with lemon and coriander to make a refreshing and satisfying beer. Ideal after a long bike ride.

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