Warming winter soup sampling from Yorkshire Provender

Belinda and Terry Williams are the "soupers" behind some of our favourite soup. They met whilst on a trip to Australia at the rosy age of 17, at the unlikely location of Cape Jubilation in the Australian rainforest.  He was running a bar and she worked as his assistant, eventually taking over the kitchen. They returned to England, where they turned The Foresters Arms, a pub in Coverdale, into a gastronomic success. Then it was back to Australia, where Terry worked in the wine trade which proved handy for his future in soup. From his experience he believes that “There’s a clear comparison between making wine and making soup, you’re preserving the integrity, the texture, the colour and the flavour of what’s there at the beginning. The best start gives the best finish”.

Belinda and Terry returned England starting and began trialling soup recipes in 2004 during the cold dark winter months. Made from honest ingredients, just like you do at home, there's no added sugar or preservatives and most make up a good number of your 5 a day!

Call in to see what makes these soups so special between 10am - 4pm. 

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