Yorkshire Week

Yorkshire Day doesn’t seem long enough to celebrate all things Yorkshire so we are having a Yorkshire Week! Starting on the 1st August many of our Yorkshire suppliers will be visiting with their tasty treats. We will also be sampling our homemade products. There will be demonstrations from our butchery and bakery team, fun quizzes in Keelham Kitchen and lots of flat cap fun.

Here are some of our sampling dates and times.


Wednesday 1st 

Beer Monkey - 12am until 5pm.

Thursday 2nd 

Shepherds Purse Cheese - 10.30am until 2.30pm.

Friday 3rd

Cold Bath Brewing Company - 12pm until 4pm.

Saturday 4th 

Priory Vodka - 12am until 4pm.

Temperance Spirit Tee Total G n T - 12pm until 5pm.

Sunday 5th 

Divine Gin - 12pm until 5pm.


Wednesday 1st 

Bradford Brewery - 12pm until 4pm.

Mak Tok - 11.30 until 3.30pm.

Thursday 2nd 

Lottie Shaw's - 9.30qm until 2pm.

Timothy Taylors - 12pm until 4pm.

Spirit of Bronte Gin - 2pm until 6pm.

Friday 3rd 

Naylor's Brewery - 12pm until 4pm.

Hughes Bakery - 9am until 12pm.

Whitby Gin - 11am until 3 pm.

Denholme Gate Honey - 10am until 2 pm.

Temperance Spirit Tee Total G n T - 12pm until 7pm.

Mr. Scratchings - 11am - 4pm. 

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