Say Thank You Teacher

The Summer holidays are approaching. It's time for teachers everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief and parents to make sure their cupboards are stocked with Gin for when the children have finally gone to bed.

Teachers work really hard throughout the year and it's time to show our appreciation! We have some lovely end of school year gift ideas to help you to say thank you for all their hard work.

Hand Painted Plant Pot

It is lovely to receive something handmade. We think a plant pot painted by your child would make a lovely end of term gift. They can write, 'Thank you for helping me to grow!' on the pot and you could plant a little flower in it for them to enjoy. If your child is leaving school this year you could plant a forget me not.

We also have a wide range of beautiful potted plants which you could put into your hand-made plant pot.

Let the Summer Holidays BeGIN

As the school year draws to a close, teachers can sit down and enjoy their favourite tipple. Our Gin to Go bags are a perfect end of term gift. They contain everything you need to make 4 perfect G & T’s. 

If your TEAcher would prefer a nice cup of tea, our Yorkshire Tea experience taste box would make a great gift. Or for Beer lovers and teachers who love chutneys and jam, our gift boxes make the perfect gift.

Summer Survival Kit

The Summer holidays are a time for teachers to relax. They have lots of other jobs to do outside the classroom, so you could put together a Summer survival kit to help them. Gather magazines, sun cream, hand cream, chocolates and a bottle of wine and pop them into a beach bag or a children's bucket. 'All year you have worked hard to make learning fun so now it's your turn to relax in the sun!'

D.I.Y. Crayon Jar

This is simple to make and very effective! Using double sided sticky tape, stick crayons to an empty jar. You can then fill the jar with treats or flowers. You could add a little gift tag which says, 'To Teach Is to Colour A Life Forever!'


These gorgeous cookies from Cookielicious are a lovely way to show your appreciation! An apple and a caterpillar are perfect little gifts for the end of the school year. You could add a little note saying, 'Thank you for making me a smart cookie!'

A Special Bouquet  

For Teachers who love fresh flowers, visit our Flower Shop at Keelham and ask our Florist to make you up a special bouquet with teachers favourite flowers.

Light up their Day

Nothing beats lighting a candle to relax. A candle from our Price's range is the perfect way to help teachers to put their feet up and relax after a busy term.