Food Tastes Better From The Farm

That’s exactly what my dad and grandad believed in too – both were devoted farmers and expert butchers. The farm where Victoria grew up was first run by her grandfather Harry, who decided to diversify and opened a butchers shop in Halifax in 1929. His son Andrew – Victoria’s father – opened the first farm shop in the early 1970s.

By following in their footsteps, it means that for over three generations, our family has been dedicated to nurturing and celebrating great tasting food. And we want to make sure you can enjoy it too – by making it sustainable and affordable.

Maybe it’s my farming and butchery heritage, but I instinctively know when food is first-rate, and if I love it, i’ll support it ‘til the cows come home.

I believe in every single item we sell, knowing it will taste great when it reaches your table. Food should always taste this good.

We run our business by doing what ‘feels right’ – That’s hard to quantify and even harder to mass-produce, but that’s how we like it. The Keelham Way is about:

Supporting local producers and farmers – We champion over 400 from Yorkshire. These people are our friends and neighbours; they help strengthen our local economy, conserve our surrounding countryside, and offer the freshest, tastiest food.

Making a difference for the community – As well as providing rewarding jobs for local people, we give our time and resources to help with community work, fundraising and education, focusing on schemes associated with young people, healthy eating and the environment.

Making great tasting food affordable – for everyone, everyday. By putting taste and affordability first every time and by being innovative with ideas like our Veg Exchange Scheme, we put good food on more people’s tables, more often.

Offering exceptional taste with minimal waste – By sourcing local and seasonal food wherever possible, we can ensure stock reaches our shop quicker and so is fresher and lasts longer. Plus, we don’t buy pre-packed food in large volumes. If you just need one onion or two rump steaks, that’s exactly what we encourage you to buy – no more than you need.

Victoria Robertshaw